It’s here.  My own little spot on the internet to share the things I love most.  Quince is a small flowering tree that bears a fruit that looks a lot like a pear.  I’ve always loved its beautiful branches and this is how I came to name my little ‘shop’, Quince.
I took this image in the front room of our home.  I think it pretty much sums up my style.  Buckets of overflowing greenery, natural wood, antiques, wrinkled linen, loads of natural light and nothing too stuffy.  It has to feel effortless, comfortable, collected, and most importantly, like HOME.
From as far back as I can remember I have been drawn to all things beautiful.  There was a little shop at the local mall where I grew up and whenever I would go with my mom, I would ask her to just leave me there while she did her shopping.  It had wide plank pine floors, dried wild flowers, antique jewelry and furniture.  I would dream that my home would someday look just like that store!  Styles have come and gone but I have to say, good or bad, my aesthetic has matured but stayed the same.
I still love a big vase full of fresh wildflowers, natural wood, neutral colors that are heavy on texture-especially linen, seagrass rugs mixed with animal prints, one of a kind pieces, and greenery – lots of it!  Simple, floppy, wild, organic,  just grabbed-it-from-the-garden (looking)  greenery. And guess what, you DON’T need to be a florist to achieve this!  Really!  You just need a few tips, some great vessels to put things in, AND the BEAUTIFUL GREENS, BRANCHES, BERRIES and of course FLOWERS.  That’s where I’ll help you.  So go check out the “about me” section.  At the bottom, it will give you a few upcoming dates so that we can get your home looking SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL.
Head over to our gallery here and take a look at what Quince is all about.

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